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xxxxxThe MNDistance Challenge

xxxxxThe MNDistance Challenge

12:19PM - 11:19PM Friday 27th March - Saturday 31st October 2020
Registrations for this event are now closed.

Are you up for the MNDistance Challenge?

Social distancing is the new norm and has changed the way so many of us can connect with community as well as train and keep fit. 

While we are at home social distancing, why not set yourself a challenge to complete over the next month? 

Then why not challenge a friend or family member to something out of their comfort zone!! 

Challenge yourself to run a total of 1000km over a month (the equivalent of Brisbane to Sydney).

Challenge yourself to be able to complete a 10min plank at the end of the month.

Challenge yourself to do a jigsaw every day for a month! 

Challenge yourself to ride around Australia on a stationary bike (15,823km on Highway 1 in case you were wondering!)

Challenge yourself to do 100 push-ups per day for a month.

The challenges are endless! Kids can join too, it's a great way to keep them active at home.

Record your progress by taking photos, videos or on a tracking app such as Strava and post it to ypur social media to help raise awareness of the MND and Me Foundation and why you are doing the challenge. 

Get your friends and family to join in and compete against each other! 

Get your sporting team, workmates or friendship group to set up a team challenge! 

Whilst you can participate without fundraising - those who raise over $150 in sponsorship will receive a MND and Me Foundation glass keep cup!

*When undertaking the challenge, please ensure you follow the most up to date government advice and adhere to it at all times. Please maintain the social distancing advice and do not organise to complete your challenge in groups.

Event Details

  • Register for free to join the challenge 
  • Through your registration you can also set up a fundraising page which you can spread far and wide for donations.  
  • Challenge your friends and family with their own challenge or the same as yours to compete against each other.
  • Start your challenge and record it via tracking apps or via a photo/video of your progress.
  • Send us a picture of your achieved goal and share it on your social media too!
  • Once you’ve reached over $150 sponsorship and completed your chosen challenge, we’ll send you your MND and Me Foundation glass keep cup.
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