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Give It Up For MND

Give It Up For MND

9:00AM - 11:59PM Friday 1st - Sunday 31st October 2021

Challenge yourself to #GiveItUpForMND for the whole month of October and raise funds to help people living with MND.

What is the challenge? Well, it’s entirely up to you, whether it’s giving up coffee, online shopping, swearing, or alcohol – we want you to get creative, take on a challenge and raise funds for MND.

The slogan for people living with MND is to “never give up,” but for October, we are challenging you to give something up to support people with MND.


Take on a BIG challenge

Choose a challenge that will impress your friends and family! Don’t forget to keep everyone updated to encourage donations.

Invite 3 friends to join you

Everything is easier when done with friends! Share your challenge on Facebook and ask 3 friends to join you.

Donate what you save

If you are giving up something like alcohol or junk food, why not donate what you would have spent in the month to support people with MND.

Although diagnosis of MND occurs more in men and most commonly in the 50-60 age group, MND can occur spontaneously and affect anyone. People living with MND and their families constantly face changing levels of disabilities, which can put a strain on their everyday lives, their relationships and their mental and physical health. 

The MND and Me Foundation aims to care for everyone affected by MND through service coordination, support groups, carer services, supply of equipment and much more. Our work will not be possible without the generous support of our community, by registering for Give It Up For MND you can contribute and raise money to help those living with this incurable disease. 

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You can find our frequently asked questions below:

What is Give it Up for MND?

Give it Up for MND encourages you to give up alcohol, junk food or something of your choice for one month. Then ask friends and family to sponsor you to do it and donate what you saved and raised for MND. 

What can I choose to give up?

This is entirely up to you! It could be alcohol, junk food, biting your nails, or swearing. Remember, this is a challenge. You need to choose something that your friends and family will know you would find it difficult to go without for one month. This will result in more donations.

When can I take part?

The challenge will be for the whole month of October. However, you are more than welcome to extend your challenge past October. 

What resources are available?

Once registered, you will be given access to a range of downloadable resources. This includes a challenge calendar to track your progress, a fundraising guide, and social tiles to let everyone know that you're taking on this challenge for the MND and Me Foundation.

How will I track my days?

As part of your downloadable resources, you will receive a challenge calendar to help track your progress and celebrate each milestone. It also helps you maximize your fundraising with suggestions on when and how to ask for donations..

What if I slip up? Can I continue?

Yes – you can. These things happen, and you are raising funds for a great cause. You can only do your best so don’t be discouraged! Anytime you slip up donate $25 to yourself or just add an extra day to your month to make up for the lost day.

Can I have a day off?

We know this is a hard challenge. As a reward for all your fundraising effort, we have introduced an incentive that allows you to have a day off if you raise over $750.

What If I feel ill during Give it Up for MND?

Your health should always come first. Please consult your local GP if you feel ill and seek professional advice on whether it is safe to continue.

Can I use Facebook’s “Fundraisers” option to promote my event?

While this is an option, we do not encourage using this platform. The best way to encourage friends and family to donate to your fundraiser is through the sharable link we send you. While the money does come to the MND and Me Foundation, we are not advised of when and who made the donation. Therefore, we will be unable to attribute any funds raised on Facebook, to your overall total on your fundraising page.

Can people who donate get a tax deductible receipt?

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Online donations to your fundraising page will be automatically receipted to the selected email address. For any offline donations received, you can request a receipt to be sent. Please contact admin@mndandme.com.au or 07 3394 5333 for further guidance on how to do this.

How do I deposit cash donations that I’ve received?

If you receive cash donations, please email admin@mndandme.com.au

I would like to chat with someone directly about my enquiry

Please call 07 3394 5333 or email admin@mndandme.com.au


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